Buried in a bay in Maryland are a number of ships that never made it to World War I. If you want to have an educational and well organized experience, take a tour with the Atlantic Kayak company.

Booking a tour with the Atlantic Kayak company, allows you to experience the tour with minimal effort on your part. The Atlantic Kayak company has a great reservation process that includes a detailed checklist for your day that you need to read in order to create a great experience. The key items on the checklist will include water and a quick snack…

Plant Riverside, Savannah, GA. Early morning July 3, 2021

I had an opportunity to visit Savannah, Georgia from July 2 — July 4, 2021, and it is a great weekend get-a-way if you need a change of scenery.

Flying to Savannah, GA is a relatively quick trip if you are on the East Coast. The flight from Baltimore to Savannah/Hilton head on Friday, July 2, 2021, was just under 90 minutes. Once again, the team at Southwest got things off to a great start! For those of you that are new to the Baltimore area, the parking spots that are off-site are run by The Parking Spot company. Upon…

Rug Doctor Pro. Don’t Overfill

The stories I write are targeted at helping people solve technology infrastructure issues and attempting to get myself visibility with any Venture Capital firm that has a focus on infrastructure to hire me! Sometimes, I run out of technology infrastructure projects to write about and I write about home infrastructure. Today, I find myself with a summary of how to rent and use the Rug Doctor Pro from Home Depot, hereinafter, RDP.

Prior to heading to rent the RDP, consider the vehicle that you will transport the device in and whether you need a helper. I was able to put…

I religously use Toggl in my Information Technology career. In our organization, I am often asked "How much time am I spending on a project?", yet we are not provided with an internal tool to track it, so I use Toggl. Toggl comes in handy when you are asked to take on a new project and you can show where your time is going and what has to be re-assigned.

Toggl also allows me to stay focused. Once I start a task in Toggl I find that I stay on that task longer since I don't want to stop Toggl…

I *Want* to be a Notion Expert and advocate. I use it daily but I definitely need a class! I have multiple task lists (can't figure out how to copy and paste to merge them) and finding data continues to plague me with just the magnify glass. Furthermore, the task list "Reminder" defaul to 12AM and always clicking the "Remind" me is an extra step.

I will continue to use Notion, as it is a "Single Pane of Glass" for so many things, but I am definitely looking for more traning on Notion.

TPC Sawgrass

I missed out on my passion for golf and this article is designed for a younger generation to learn from my mistakes in order to develop your skill for the game and potentially a career out of it.

My temper as a kid hampered my golf game. When I would get a bad grade in school I would destroy my room. I would throw and tear everything in my path. When I would play golf and execute poor shots, I would get angry as well and keep swinging harder. I would shout out to my parents, I am HITTING 20…

This was the road to financial independence

My roadmap to financial independence included working at a startup company and collecting the equity when the company would go public. After attempting it at five startup companies, I gave up.

The roadmap started in 1992 at Specialized Health Management, (SHM). The business model provided outsourced mental health counseling services to nursing homes. I never lasted long enough to collect any equity options as I quickly discovered I disliked this business model. I am not a Health Care professional, even though my college major was Health Care Administration. …

Excellent work! Next thing will be the Roth IRA and individual investing account! Etrade here you come!

I enjoyed this content so much I wrote a Medium.com article titled: "Implementing a Checking Account Budget" to share and help others as well.

Pay To The Order Of You

Executive Summary:

  • This article is designed to share ideas on how to improve your personal finance budgeting skills for your checkbook account.
  • If you feel that your budgeting skills are beyond fixing, find a sponsor to check in with as you work through the new method.
  • You will need a spreadsheet program. This article does not help you fix your issue with 3rd party software tools like Quicken, You Need a Budget, Mint.com, etc.
  • The thoughts here are my personal thoughts and do not reflect those of my employer

I have worked with several people that have tried to manage…

My productivity has increased while working at home. I used to spend 12 hours in the office, not counting the 35 minute travel time, to complete my tasks. Working at home I am not tempted to wander around the campus to the Starbucks, head out to lunch with colleagues or use a rest room 3 buildings away to avoid running into somebody.

Currently the "playing" field is level. All parties are at home. …

JJ Donovan

Product Manager specializing in financial services

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