VPN (Virtual Private Network) for your personal devices

CyberGhost Protection

A VPN is required in an office environment and in your home life. The Virtual Private Network takes the connection from your device, whether it be a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other device that connects to the network and it builds a secure connection from your device to the destination. This technology masks your actual IP address and eliminates your cable provider from watching your traffic. To accomplish this goal you need to have either hardware or software.

In the software space, vendors include: CyberGhost and NordVPN (See the Express VPN Section). In selecting your provider you need to consider all of the devices you want to protect. Key items to look for in your procurement include: How many devices you can add to one account and the ease of invoking the software. You should perform a test of the software on your devices to confirm the software will start with very little user input. You will also need to change your process to routinely check that the software is working. During your test plan you will want to test your connectivity on multiple wi-fi networks. Consider hovering outside of a Starbucks with your devices and verify how the software connects when you join the Starbucks wireless network.

Once you have connected to a wi-fi network with your software, you should execute the applications that are important to your day. Key items to configure include: Medium YouTube, Instagram, etc. Once you are connected, you will want to look at your IP Address at www.whatismyip.com and then look at your IP Address when you are disconnected from the software. In each case you should see a different address.

The topic of using a VPN is covered in multiple articles. Here is another link on the benefit of the VPN software. 5 significant benefits of Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Connecting to the Internet is a dangerous activity, a VPN is one layer of protection to help minimize the hazards that are out there.

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