What To Do In Tampa, Florida

Now For The Detail

Sheraton Riverwalk Hotel

If you are inbound to Tampa, Florida, you have a number of hotels to choose from in the area. At the minimum, choose one on the Tampa Riverwalk and make the Sheraton Riverwalk one of the considerations.

Morean Arts Center and the Dale Chihuly exhibit

The use of glass in artwork requires a lot of muscle, creativity and heat. If you want to see how that is combined together into something amazing, the Chihuly Collection at the Morean Arts Center is for you.

Dali Museum

Based on your age group, you will either remember Dali or learn about him for the first time. Either way, you will benefit from a trip to the Dali Museum in Clearwater, Florida.

Reading Room Restaurant


Treasure Island

Treasure Island is one of the many beaches in the St. Petersburg Area and provided a great sunset location. Although, I did not spend the day on the beach at Treasure Island, here are my observations and suggestions.

  1. If you are not staying at a hotel on the beach at Treasure Island, research and book parking in advance. It was not apparent that an abundance of parking existed, therefore plan accordingly
  2. Consider arriving in a recreational vehicle with your own rest room. Based on the sign leading from the parking lot that said “Hit the Can, not the Sand”, it appears that biological facilities are lacking
  3. A huge slide exists at the entrance that is inflated each day along with a “trampoline” style apparatus. This appears to be a good way to pass the time. It is interesting to note, that a power cable has been provided for this setup.
  4. You can rent beach chairs and umbrella from the “Taylor Group”. This appears to be an organization where you reserve your umbrella and chairs for a period of time. The chairs are placed several yards apart. It is unclear how you know which chair is yours at the beginning of the day. I would spend some time with the rental group to determine hot to find the chairs that are assigned to me.
  5. The sunset from the beach is wonderful. If you are on vacation, you can sit on the “folded” up chairs from the Taylor Group or bring your own. Either way it is a great shot of the horizon

Tampa Bay WaterBikes

When you are in the city of Tampa, you need to experience the water. For those of you that are looking to combine a hard “biking” element, environmentally conscious and the water, the Tampa Bay Water bikes (www.tampabaywaterbikes.com) has it covered.

Columbia Restaurant

This is a Tampa institution. Book a reservation in advance and then after lunch or dinner explore Ybor city. Note, if you are over the age of 40, explore Ybor City during the day time. Under the age of 40, consider a night in Ybor City on 7th or 8th Street with the night clubs.

Tampa Thoughts

Walking will be a key part of your visit when you stay in the city of Tampa. The Riverwalk is great and at each end is a “restaurant emporium”. At one end is Armature works, https://armatureworks.com/ and at the other end is the Sparkman Wharf, https://sparkmanwharf.com/.



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